CM Plus

Joint Health
Manufacturer: Youngevity
SKU: 20985


Ultimate CM Plus' main ingredient is CM Complex. This breakthrough compound which includes Cetyl Myristoleate has been medically and scientifically demonstrated to promote the relief of joint and related discomfort. Make CM Plus part of your daily program.

Product Ingredients

Each Capsule Contains Amount % RDI
Methyl Sultonylmethane 150 mg ***
CM Complex 1,050 mg ***
  Cetyl Myristoleate   ***
  Cetyl Myristate   ***
  Cetyl Palmitoleate   ***
  Cetyl Palmitate   ***
  Cetyl Laurate   ***
  Cetyl Oleate   ***

Product SpecificationSpecification

Product Type
  • Joint Health
BV 46
Size 90 capsules